Making the first cut

I have been fortunate to receive some fantastic donations of sterling silver objects already and have been planing the ways in which I will use them. Thank you!

I have found it surprisingly hard to make the first cut at times when dismantling the objects to melt down and cast. I think it is due to a mix of the history residing in some of the pieces and also a little bit of self doubt.. I wan’t to make make good of these gifts! The beauty of casting though, I can remind myself is that I can always melt it down again..phew!

But yes, all in all it’s exciting and humbling to actually have people respond and gift their belongings to this project. I am also keen to hear any stories/ anecdotes that may accompany these donations.. It is interesting to  know the history behind these relics and what compelled people to want to get involved with Trade To Treasure.

I will leave you with some images from the studio of what I have been up to with some of the donations so far. Please feel free to comment and share this blog.

Stay tuned!


Making the first cut!

Making the first cut!


Cutting out the 925 stamp mark which identifies the material as being sterling silver (925 parts fine silver, 75 parts copper).

DSCF7545_edited - Copy

A Mexico made ring with 925 markings. I have found that some piece’s carrying the ‘Mexico’ marking followed by ‘Alpaca’ means it is not sterling silver but nickle silver (which actually contains no silver at all, yet has a similar appearance to silver).

Preparing rings to be melted down to make an ingot

Preparing rings to be melted down to make an ingot


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