Happenstance, it was a word that revealed itself along with the other little gems I was was finding..it popped up as I was trawling the internet, a sign to confirm to me that the little happenings taking place in my day were all a message confirming that the universe was listening to my will and responding with gifts that I felt were meant for me.

As I am working to re-purpose rubbish through my jewellery making practice I have become accustomed to noticing potential in discarded objects I find  when walking the city streets and cleaning up the sea shores.

Before I take these findings back to my studio, I try to remember to get a snap shot in situ as I find them. For me this aspect of documenting responds to the story teller in me. I also find it fascinating to contend with the idea of how we relate to an object when it is out of context away from its origin or intended purpose.

Below are some examples of little things I have found on my journey’s out and about.. the unintentional finds and signs that reveal themselves when I’m not even deliberately looking for them.

20150324_111108 20150215_183042 20150215_183052 20150216_142238 20150520_104916 20150610_103441 20150610_104158 20150618_135916 20150618_135922 20150215_182902 20150604_100857 20150528_100426 20150203_102553 20150205_171715 20150205_171754


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